In wanting to build a business around your passion or hobby, one fear might confront you more: the fear that there are others who are doing what you want to do and are doing it better. So why bother trying? It is one fear that squashed many of my ideas. Everywhere I looked, whatever idea I came up with for a business, someone was already doing it. In fact, 99% of the names I came up with for my business idea were already taken when I looked up the internet. I wondered if there was any hope for me. But then I came across a podcast episode by Jeremy Frendsen of that helped me overcome that fear. It was a relief when Jeremy said the same fear confronted him really hard when he was starting out. He overcame the fear with two simple insights.

The first insight is: others can do what he wants to do and even better but there is an element that is unique to him. And that’s him. Yeah, that’s right. He realized nobody can be like him. It is you plus what you do that makes whatever you do unique. You have a personality that is unique to you; you have a mix of experiences that is different from everyone’s else. When you infuse your personality and your experiences into what you do; whatever you do becomes different. So don’t worry if others are doing what you want to do. Let your uniqueness shine through what you do. For example, if you love humor then whatever you do, incorporate humor. Share your life experiences with your audience according to the degree you are comfortable with.

The second is: people don’t get it the first time. They need to see it or hear it over and over again. So this fact should encourage you to join those who are doing the thing you intend to do because you are another person they need to encounter for that idea or solution to ring true. We need repeated exposure, usually from different people or sources for an idea to stick or be taken seriously. That means what you do, even though it is the same thing as what many others are doing, is another link in helping people appreciate that idea or solution.

So, step out with your idea without fear because people are waiting to pay attention to you. Go out and do what you love without fear.

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