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3 Rules Of Money That Break You When You Break Them

3 Rules Of Money That Break You When You Break Them

When I was much younger, making money was the last thing on my mind. My focus was going to school, getting good grades and living a godly life. I was a church boy who worked closely with pastors and preachers. I could tell you a lot about the church world. I did get good grades in school and I was even aspiring to be a preacher myself. I was academically intelligent but I wasn’t financially intelligent.

Reinforcing my mindset was messages from the pulpit that said getting to heaven was the most important thing. Forget about making money. It would only make you worldly. I left my financial acumen to lay waste for many years. Whenever I approached anything that had to do with making money, I felt pangs of guilt that stopped me in my tracks. As a result, I and family went through horrifying financial challenges and oppression from wicked people for many years.

Slowly, I came to realize that something wasn’t right.

I searched and read.

Little by little, that mindset began to chip away.  I finally realized that being a godly and financially prosperous person was not mutually exclusive. I could be both. In fact, I could make more positive impact with more money as a godly person.

Today, I take my financial education seriously.

I invest in it.

I can tell you that to realize your potential in today’s world, you need money.

For a person like me with big, big dreams, I can tell you that I need lots and lots of money. I am no longer guilty to say that.

 Forget the misguided teaching from old-time, Holy Ghost hollering, tongue-talking conservative preachers who tell you money is not important; that all you need is to make heaven. You can make lots of money and still get to heaven.

Recently, I came across Ramit Sethi’s 3 Rules of Money which I want to share with you in this blog post. For those of you who don’t know Ramit, he is the one who build a seven income business around teaching personal finance called I Will Teach You To Be Rich online. He has a book and a website that goes with that name. You could check him out on: It is absolutely important in these times of economic hardship to learn the rules of money.

#1 People Pay You for the Value You Create

Think about the things you pay for every day. As a sane person that I know you are, you pay for those things because they mean something to you. In other words, the products and services you pay for helps  you solve a particular problem. Same thing with you. When you help people solve a problem with your knowledge, skills or products, you are creating value and therefore you can expect money. Some people, like me of former times, feel guilty when they have to charge money for the products and services they offer. They prefer to give everything for free. Yeah, I believe in charity; but I have since learned that certain level of value cannot be given for free. To give everything as charity is not sustainable long-term. It is foolishness. That leads us to the second rule of money.

#2 The More Money You Make, the More Value You can Create

To be stupendously wealthy, you need to reinvest in your nest egg. You make money and reinvest in your business to make more money. If you don’t, your business dies. You charge money for the value you create because you want to be able to create more value. When you reinvest in your products, services, skills and knowledge, you are able to provide excellent delivery to your customers and sustain the process for long-term. 

#3 Money Is an Indicator That You Are Doing the Right Thing

There are a lot of metrics people consider to measure success at any business endeavor. But the one thing as a business person you can’t overlook as the real indicator that you are successful in business is the revenue, the income, the money you are making from your business. Every other metric can be a distraction. You can have a lot of followers on Instagram, lots of likes on your Facebook page, lots of traffic to your website…but if you are not making money, you are failing in business. Why? YOU ARE IN BUSINESS TO MAKE MONEY.

If you are not making money, you are failing! It is that simple.

And for you to make money, you have to make sales. For you to make sales, people have to trust that you can solve their problems before they can pull money out of their wallet. It is important that you that build trust with your customers so that you they not only pay you the first time but continue to buy from you and eventually loyal fans of your brand who spread the word to others. As regard getting customers and keeping them for life, more of that in another post.

The best entrepreneurs focus on making sales. That’s what count for them. It should for you too. It is what brings the money. Making money is the real indicator that you are doing the right thing.

These 3 rules are very important to keep for anyone who wants to make money and sustain the process. Break these three rules, they will break you. Like Ramit Sethi said, “BREAK THESE RULES AT YOUR OWN RISK.”



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Financial Freedom
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